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Friday, April 28, 2017
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Terms and Conditions

  1. This ticket (Ticket) entitles the holder (Holder) to attend the stadium (Stadium) in respect of the match (Match). Entry to the Stadium shall constitute acceptance by the Holder of these terms, the further terms and conditions set out at and any other Stadium?specific regulations which may be displayed at the Stadium (together, the Terms an Conditions).
  2. This Ticket must be produced by the Holder at the time of entry into the Stadium. Entry will be refused if the barcode has been tampered with or if this Ticket has been torn, defaced or damaged or tampered with in any way.
  3. his Ticket is valid for one person only and no re-entry will be allowed unless explicitly stated on the Ticket. This Ticket only entitles the Holder to access the area of the Stadium in which the relevant seat is located and no other area of the Stadium.
  4. The Holder must retain this Ticket at all times whilst in the Stadium and produce the same whenever demanded by the home club and/or any of their representatives (individually or together, the Organiser) and the Organiser?s representatives, including without limitation, law and order authorities and private security personnel (the Security Personnel).
  5. The Organiser reserves the right to search / frisk the Holder (including his/her bags, clothes or other possessions) through Security Personnel or any other representatives at any time.
  6. No item, including without limitation clothing, caps, banners or flags etc, displaying commercial logos, which, in the Organiser?s view, conflicts with or in any way detracts from the rights of any official sponsor related to the Match, and/or any such items which, in the Organiser?s view, constitute ambush marketing, will be allowed into the Stadium.
  7. Bags (except ladies? hand bags but including back packs, laptop bags, suitcases), laptops, helmets, bottles, lighters, tins or cans, musical instruments, water balloons, eggs, flammable, toxic, illegal or hazardous substances, tobacco or tobacco products, metal containers, firecrackers, fireworks, weapons (including Swiss army knives and similar instruments), motorcycle helmets, bags, animals (except guide dogs) or any other article which might endanger or unduly annoy any other person are not allowed inside the Stadium. No provision is made for the storage of these items and each of these items will be confiscated at security check points and will not be returned.
  8. No outside food and/or alcohol may be brought into the Stadium. No smoking is allowed within the Stadium.
  9. This Ticket is strictly not transferable and is for the personal use of the Holder only. It shall not be offered for sale, auctioned, exchanged, ceded, sold or transferred, whether in a commercial or promotional context (such as, without limitation, a prize in a lottery or competition or as part of an advertising or promotional campaign) or otherwise, with or without consideration, unless written permission is obtained from the Organiser.
  10. The use of any equipment of any kind including without limitation mobile phones, transistors, computers, cameras or any other audio visual recording equipment, for recording and/or communication of Match details, statistics, images etc is strictly prohibited.
  11. The Holder acknowledges and consents to the recording of his/her likeness and/or voice while at the Stadium and further acknowledges and agrees that the Organiser is entitled to use and sub-license all rights in respect of suchrecordings without compensation of any kind to the Holder.
  12. The Holder will not sell or offer for sale any product or service and may not distribute or give away any free item(s) or any political, religious, charitable, commercial, advertising or promotional material(s), from or at any part of the Stadium.
  13. Foul, unruly ,abusive or any discriminatory language (whether on the grounds of race, religion or otherwise), unruly or threatening behaviour, entry onto the field of play or the throwing or projecting of any article within the stands, on the field of play or otherwise in the Stadium will not be tolerated prior to, during or after the Match.
  14. On no occasion is play guaranteed. Refunds (less any applicable administration fee), if any, will only be made if the entire Match is cancelled without commencing.
  15. Any property left anywhere at the Stadium remains at the entire risk of the owner of the property or person leaving the same, the Organiser does not accept any liability for the theft or other loss or damage of such property.
  16. Though reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the safety and comfort of the spectators during the Match, the Organiser disclaims any responsibility for death, injury, and/or any loss or damage whatsoever, caused to the property or person of the Holder.
  17. Children of three years of age or over must have their own ticket and all persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by and under the supervision of (in each case constantly) an adult who also has a Ticket for the Match. Responsibility for minors remains at all times with the minor?s parent or guardian.
  18. The Organiser reserves the right, without refund or other recourse, to refuse admission to anyone and/or if necessary, to eject the Holder from the Stadium after he or she has entered the Stadium, to ban the further entry of the Holder to any other sporting event organized by the Organizer, to hand over the Holder to the concerned authorities and/or to initiate appropriate civil or criminal proceedings, in each case if he or she is found to be in breach of the Terms and Conditions.